Calgreen is an important catalyst for the cell walls of plants that makes these cell walls stronger and more durable, resulting in more compact and heavy heads.

For your plants to be healthy and strong, Calgreen provides 80% defense against most fungi, pests and root pochedumbre. Calgreen can also be used as a foliar spray.


Calcium occupies the fourth place in order of importance of the most necessary elements for plants, just behind the macroelements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, already known by all professionals and cultivation enthusiasts.

The biological fertilizer and calcium concentrate Calgreen from Metrop, due to its formulation, is a unique product. The main base is a certain concentration of hydrogen and calcium that requires any plant for the production of the membrane or cell wall, causing in this, a greater density and thickness and therefore greater consistency and strength.

This greater hardness and consistency of the membrane in the cells, provides 80% additional protection against most fungi, as well as greater resistance against microbial diseases.

Calcium added to any culture medium, whether it is soil, coconut or in hydro or aeroponic systems, facilitates the release of the ions from the colloidal particles of other nutritional elements, which in turn increases the absorption capacity of these other elements. nutrients to the plant.

Metrop’s Calgreen Calcium Concentrated Fertilizer is made from the highest quality raw materials and can be mixed with any other Metrop product.

With the Metrop MR 1, MR 2 and Calgreen fertilizers the farmer has a full range of high quality fertilizers that allow the plant to develop, on any type of medium, the healthiest roots and flowers and the largest possible size, ensuring maximum productivity crops.

Metrop’s Calgreen Concentrated Biological Fertilizer is produced from plants, through high quality extraction and contains all the macro and micronutrients necessary for growth and complete flowering on any culture medium.

Ostensibly improves the absorption of nutrients through the root.
It guarantees a strengthening and hardening of the palpable buds.
Ensures an increase in weight of the final product.
Guarantees the presence of magnesium in sufficient quantity for the correct synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
The product contains no dyes and is not diluted in water. It only contains pure raw materials.
Given its high concentration and degree of purity, we recommend the use at low levels of EC as well as EC meters (Electroconductivity) to avoid over-fertilization.
The product does not expire, nor does it have an expiration date.
Keep out of the reach of children.


Shake the container well before use in order to homogenize the suspension.
In the case of very fertilized substrates (soil), fertilize with this fertilizer 1 to 3 times a week; When it comes to poor soils or inert substrates such as in hydroponics, apply daily. You can water daily if necessary.
Given its high concentration, pay special attention to dilutions to avoid over-fertilization.

Mix: Add last to the irrigation tank.

Keep preferably in a dark place and protected from frost.
If the undiluted product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.


Metrop Calgreen’s concentrated calcium fertilizer is a totally biological product.

FERTILIZERS, suspension complex of nitrogen fertilizers with 15 micronutrients:

CaO- calcium soluble in water 22.50%

N – total nitrogen 15.00%

N – nitric 12.10%

N – urea 2.00%

N-ammonium 0.90%

Mg – water soluble magnesium 3.00%

Mn – manganese soluble in water, chelator EDTA 0.15%

B – 0.075% water soluble boron

Fe – water soluble iron, EDTA chelating agent 0.075%

Cu – soluble copper in water, EDTA chelator 0.060%

Zn – zinc soluble in water, EDTA chelator 0.030%

Mb – water soluble molybdenum 0.0015%.