MAM is the first and only fertilizer developed especially for mother plants. The balance of the micro-elements and the NPK is composed to produce a healthy and huge clone of its mother plant. MAM offers you resistant, more vibrant and healthier cuttings, which results in large cuttings that can be stored for longer.


MAM biological fertilizer for mother plants of Metrop, is a nutrient for mother plants of high quality, that contains all the macro and microelements necessary for plants that produce cuttings continuously.

Ensures the presence of phosphorus in sufficient quantity to achieve a continuous growth of the roots.
It ensures the presence of magnesium in sufficient quantity for the correct synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
Guarantees cuttings with greater reserves of food for growth.
Formulated specifically with additional microelements in order to avoid the deficiencies produced by the continuous cutting of the cuttings.
In the formulation Kelpak has been added to induce growth continuously.
The product contains no dyes and is not diluted in water. It only contains pure raw materials.
The product does not expire, nor does it have an expiration date.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Add MAM last in the container used for irrigation.

Keep preferably in a dark place and protected from frost.
If the undiluted product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Shake the container well!

MAM fertilizer for mother plants of Metrop is totally biological.


Shake the bottle very well before use in order to homogenize the suspension.

In the case of very fertilized substrates (soil), fertilize with this fertilizer 1 to 3 times a week; When it comes to poor soils or inert substrates such as in hydroponics, apply daily. It can be used daily if necessary.

Use in conjunction with Calgreen
Given its high concentration, pay special attention to dilutions to avoid over-fertilization


FERTILIZERS, fertilizer suspension NPK complex: 20-20-8 with micronutrients:

N – total nitrogen 20.00%

N – Nitric 9.80%

N-ammonium 10.20%

P – water soluble phosphorus 20.00%

K – potassium soluble in water 8.00%

Mg – magnesium soluble in water 1.70%

Fe – water soluble iron, chelator EDTA 1.75%

Mg – manganese soluble in water, chelator EDTA 0.0625%

Cu – soluble copper in water, EDTA chelator 0.0625%

Zn – water soluble zinc, EDTA chelating agent 0.90%

B – water soluble boron 0.008%

Co-water soluble in water, EDTA chelator 0.0008%

Mo – molybdenum soluble in water 0.008%

Kelpak 27.00%.