Metrop MR1 Growth 250ml

MR1 is a superior and unsurpassed fertilizer, with high NPK bio-minerals and natural extracts. The MR1 fertilizer includes high levels of phosphorus (P) to create a large root system. The additional potassium (K) allows each plant to increase in strength and health. Metrop MR1 is biologically degradable.


Most of the phosphorus in a plant is in the root!

Root growth in a plant will be affected directly proportional to the quantity and quality of the phosphorus contained in the growth fertilizer. The higher the proportion of phosphorus, the greater the root growth!

The combination of NPK and micro-elements of the MR1 concentrated growth fertilizer has been specifically designed to achieve the highest possible productivity in each harvest.

The quality, especially pure raw materials used in the formulation of concentrated growth fertilizer MR1 of Metrop, makes it possible to obtain high proportions of NPK without causing any stress to the plant. In addition, this quality prevents the product from becoming stuck or caked in the can, or precipitating, thus preventing the irrigation systems from being clogged.

Once the solution has been dissolved in the irrigation tank, the EC (electrical conductivity) of the solution is preserved indefinitely.

In addition, micro elements have been added in greater quantity and with a degree of purity superior to that used in other fertilizers, allowing the plants to perform a faster and better photosynthesis, which contributes to improving the quality of the final product.

The concentrated growth fertilizer Metrop MR1 is manufactured from a high quality extraction of plants that contain all the macronutrients and micronutrients required for growth and pre-flowering on any medium.

It ensures the presence of potassium in sufficient quantity for the beginning of flowering and the strengthening of the plant.
It ensures the presence of phosphorus in sufficient quantity for an explosive growth of the roots.
It ensures the presence of magnesium for the correct synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
The product contains no dyes and is not diluted in water. It only contains pure raw materials.
Given its high concentration, we recommend the use of EC (Electro Conductivity) meters to verify the correct dilution.
The product does not expire, nor does it have an expiration date.
Keep out of the reach of children.

The growth fertilizer Metrop Hydroponic MR1 is totally biological.


Shake the bottle very well before use in order to homogenize the suspension.
In the case of very fertilized substrates (soil), fertilize with this fertilizer 1 to 3 times a week; When it comes to poor soils or inert substrates such as in hydroponics, apply daily. You can water daily if necessary.

Given its high concentration, pay special attention to dilutions to avoid over-fertilization

Keep preferably in a dark place and protected from frost.
If the undiluted product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Shake the container well!


FERTILIZANTES-CE, suspension complex NPK-fertilizers 10-40-20 with micronutrients:

N – total nitrogen 10.00%

N – nitric 4.65%

N-ammonium 5.35%

P – phosphorus soluble in water 40.00%

K – potassium soluble in water 20.00%

Mg – magnesium soluble in water 1.50%

Fe – water soluble iron, chelator EDTA 0.17%

Mn – manganese soluble in water, EDTA chelator 0.085%

Cu – soluble copper in water, EDTA chelator 0.085%

ZN – zinc soluble in water, chelator EDTA 0.085%

B – water soluble boron 0.035%

Co-water soluble in water, chelator EDTA 0.0012%

Mo-molybdenum soluble in water 0.0012%.