RhizoXtrem is a high quality root stimulator extract composed of vegetable ingredients and seaweed.

– Antiseptic, protects plant cells
– Restores weak and stressed plants
– Stimulates rootlets production
– Stimulates root development and harvest production

Recommended for plugs, sprouts and cuttings.

Metrop RhizoXtrem is a root stimulant of plant origin. It results in greater root growth with white rootlets and more capacity for nutrient absorption, and can be used in any crop medium.

Metrop RhizoXtrem prefers a pH level between 5.4 and 5.8 and a base water of EC 0.4. It contains macro elements, micro elements, plant growth regulators (phytohormones), vitamins and enzymes, which increases the bioavailability of plants and their growth.

Metrop RhizoXtrem is recommended to use it in conjunction with MR1 during the first phase of growth to increase the capacity of our plants, stopping using it in the last week of this phase to start with Metrop Fertilizers in the next phase of fertigation.

Metrop RhizoXtrem optimizes the absorption of nutrients, leading to greater growth and flowering of plants and without leaving any residue in the environment or soil. In addition to reducing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment, the production of Metrop RhizoXtrem purifies seawater and establishes a new ecosystem in our oceans with the cultivation of seaweed. This organic cycle leaves no negative mark on the global ecosystem.

Keep out of reach of children.


From the 1st day of growth apply a daily dose of 30ml / 100L. Water daily as needed. Take special care not to exceed the indicated dose.

Root activator RhizoXtrem from Metrop is totally biological (all Metrop fertilizers are biological and biodegradable).

This product should be stored in a dark place and not exposed to frost.

In case of contact with eyes in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water.


FERTILIZER, organic mineral fertilizer, Nitrogen (N) 0.3%, Water-soluble phosphate P2O5 0.03%, Water-soluble potassium K2O 0.4% includes trace elements and laminar sugars 0.4%, Mannitol 0.7%; totally vegetable origin.