The purest and most fabulous root product in the world, ROOT + is a very high quality vitamin nutrient and accelerator that accelerates and allows additional root growth and absorption of the root and stem system. In combination with the right fertilizers, Metrop ROOT + allows beautiful white roots with many vessels to absorb energy.


AminoRoot is a stimulator of root formation and growth accelerator based on high quality amino acids and vitamins. It helps the different functions of the plant in the roots, trunk, leaves, crown and all visible and invisible growth and bloom functions to work optimally.

The amino acids used are obtained by means of biosynthesis, this allows us to carefully select the type and concentration of the amino acids present in the product. That is why the root and growth stimulator, AminoRoot de Metrop, not only has influence as a stimulator of root growth, but also activates certain hormones that help in the formation of leaves, trunk, growth hormone and the production of enzymes

In addition, the use of organic synthesis or biosynthesis to obtain amino acids allows the length of the amino-helices to be shortened to 700 Daltons in length instead of the 10,000 Daltons that characterize the amino-helices of any other organic product. The plant cells only admit the absorption of amino acids with helices of a maximum of 1500 Daltons.

The result of all this is that the AminoBloom bloom stimulator from Metrop is absorbed by the plant immediately causing a rapid effect, especially in plants subjected to high levels of stress.

Metrop’s root and growth stimulator AminoRoot is an extract of high quality plants that contains all the amino acids and vitamins necessary for vegetative growth and root formation in any substrate.

. Stimulates the formation of roots explosively
. Stimulates the formation of absorbent capillaries
. Increase resistance to diseases
. Increase stress resistance
. Recover damaged shoots
. Stimulates the production of rooting hormones.
. Stimulates the production of enzymes.
. Thanks to the short chains of its amino acids, it can be absorbed directly without the intervention of enzymes.
. Does not contain heavy metals

Keep out of reach of children.

Metrop’s AminoRoot root and growth stimulator is totally biological.


From the first day of growth, apply daily for three weeks.

It can be used daily if necessary.

The AminoRoot fertilizer is totally biological. (All Metrop fertilizers are biological and degradable).

Given its high concentration, it is recommended to carefully control the dilution to avoid possible overdose.

Keep the container in a dark place and protected from frost.
If the undiluted product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.


FERTILIZER, NPK fertilizer complex. 0.71-1-0 with micronutrients:

N – Total Nitrogen 0.71%

N – Nitrates 0.13%

N-ammonium 0.25%

N – urea 0.33%

P – Water soluble phosphate 1%

K – Water soluble potassium 0.004%

Mg – Magnesium soluble in water 0.0002%

Fe – Iron soluble in water chelated by EDTA 0.0002%

Mn – Manganese soluble in water chelated by EDTA 0.0001%

Cu – Water-soluble copper chelated by EDTA 0.0001%

Zn – Zinc soluble in water chelated by EDTA 0.01%

B – Boron soluble in water chelated by EDTA 0.0001%

P – water soluble phosphorus 2.04%

0.10% amino acids.

Glycin 800 mg / 5L

Valine 40 mg / 5L

Proline 350 mg / 5L

Hydroxyproline 300 mg / 5L

Alanine 350 mg / 5L

Aspartic Acid 680 mg / 5L

Arginine 80 mg / 5L

Glutamic Acid 225 mg / 5L

Lysine 345 mg / 5L

Leucine 50 mg / 5L

Isoleucine 125 mg / 5L

Phenylalanine 145 mg / 5L

Methionine 25 mg / 5L

Serine 140 mg / 5L

Asparagine 125 mg / 5L

Threonine 120 mg / 5L

Cystine 85 mg / 5L

Tyrosine 88 mg / 5L

Histidine 102 mg / 5L.