SubstratePlus 3,5KG

Using SubstratePlus you will increase the size and effectiveness of your plant.

SubstratePlus improves the physical structure of the soil, giving an acidifying effect, reducing the high PH problems.

SubstratePlus provides everything necessary for plants to increase their surface mass, the absorption capacity of nutrients and provides them with greater resistance to external agents such as inclement weather and / or thermal oscillations.

SubstratePlus is the perfect complement to combine with the Metrop Fertilizer line, since the last week of growth; regardless of the pot.

SubstratePlus enhances the root system by increasing its surface area, as well as its nutrient absorption capacity by more than 80%. SubstratePlus provides the right dose to achieve a fertile soil with 2% -3% of organic matter, necessary for the absorption of nutrients and chelated micronutrients.

METROP SubstratePlus Bioregulator for substrate and coco.

Metrop’s SubstratePlus is 100% organic.

  • It improves the light mixtures, Coco and soil for planters.
  • Improves the wetting capacity of any type of crop.
  • Improves the structure and capacity of absorption of land and Coco.
  • Increases fertilizer absorption.
  • It promotes the vigorous development of the roots.
  • Increases the mineral content of the earth, which improves the growth and health of the plant.

Store METROP SubstratePlus in a cool, dry, frost-free atmosphere. Store it only in its original container.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Mix from 25gr to 50gr (70 cc) with 10 liters of light soil for planters, professional mix or Coco. Repeat the process every 30 days. Put the seeds or the plants in the mixture and keep it moist, the METROP SubstratePlus will improve the mixture throughout the growth cycle until harvest.


N – Nitrogen

N – Organic Nitrogen

K – Potassium

P – Phosphorus

Ca – Calcium

S – Sulfur

Si – Silicon

Mg – Magnesium

Mn – Manganese

Fe – Iron

B – Boro

Zn – Zinc